IMG_5300Life Lesson #942: The listening aspect of communication may be THE most important life skill and too often bulldozed over by ignorance.
Sadly we are eager to judge and display ego & significance by wielding opinion; so eager to have a witty answer we only sit quiet long enough to formulate a reply. Mostly based on our own autobiography, filtering everything through our own life experiences, mind you. I cherish and have grown exponentially from those few relations that let me breathe and be heard without imposing judgement. It has been a lifeline that has built honesty, trust, love and appreciation. Fences have been mended and walls torn down in that safe place. Too often I witness instead of really hearing we quickly judge, we advise and counsel without knowing the depth of a situation, the truth, the pain, or more importantly the heart of the one trying to communicate. Healthy communication that demonstrates love and builds trust starts by listening to the words from the heart of the one who needs to be heard. Mostly just listening would heal so much pain, restore relationship and evoke real understanding. In short my opinion is not as important as letting you know I hear you and I will protect your trust of our relationship by listening. #notholyghostjunior#loveoneanother #respect #focus #caringwithyourheart #beunstoppable #hear #healthyhearts #enlargeyourworld